• The sisters with a very large watermelon
    L-R Sister Gemma Maria, Mother Julia, and Sister Maria Damiana with our first watermelon of the year. God has blessed us with huge watermelons!
  • Sister Gemma Maria picking peaches
    One of the trees we have in our 'orchard' is a peach tree. It produces wonderful fruit every year. Sister Gemma Maria is harvesting from a lower branch.
  • sister Maria Damiana picking peaches
    Sister Maria Damiana is taking a turn at harvesting the peaches on one of the upper branches.

God's bounty from our garden – watermelons and peaches

The sisters in Raytown have a small garden and a few trees that they call their 'orchard'. They have been enjoying fruit and vegetables from the garden for months now – including watermelons and peaches.

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