• view of altar and church
    The new altar and reredos at Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church.
    We sisters have the joy of regularly attending daily Mass at this parish.
  • choir members singing
    Sister Gemma Maria singing with the Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church choir. We thank them for
    their leading the congregation in beautiful sacred music for the festivities.
  • Sr. Gemma Maria singing solo
    Sister Gemma Maria sang a solo for one of the communion hymns, Panis Angelicus.
  • Bishop Johnston consecrating altar
    Our bishop, His excellency, Bishop James V. Johnston consecrating the new altar.
    In the background is the amazingly beautiful tabernacle.

Altar Consecration at Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church,
Grandview, Missouri

Following a renovation of the main church, a special Mass celebrated by Bishop James V. Johnston was held for the consecration of the new altar at Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church, Grandview, Missouri. This parish was the first parish to support our brother community, the Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord, when they first started their parish work in Vladivostok, Russia in the early 90s. Sister Gemma Maria had the privilege to be part of the choir during the Mass.

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