• Sr. Gemma Maria and Mother Julia
    L-R Sister Gemma Maria and Mother Julia in their Blisters for Sisters t-shirt. Sister Maria Damiana taking the pictures.
  • Sisters at Mass
    Blisters for Sisters is a well-attended event with religious sisters from both the Kansas City – St. Joseph
    Diocese in Missouri and the Kansas City Archdiocese in Kansas as well as many Serra Club members.
    In this picture are some of the sisters attending the event as they await the Mass
    in the Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, Kanas City, Missouri.
  • Sisters and Serra Club members at dinner
    The dinner is wonderful and provides an opportunity for the sisters to have time to visit with fellow religious and Serra Club members.
  • Mother Julia with winning tickets
    Mother Julia is pictures here with two of our raffle winnings! Each sister receives a raffle ticket for attending.
    Each of us three sisters won prizes this year. We used the movie theatre tickets we won to see the
    then new movie "Paul, Apostle of Christ."

Sisters in Jesus the Lord at Blisters for Sisters 2018

We sisters enjoy the Serra Club's annual event for sisters that takes place in the beginning of May. It is called Blisters for sisters and part of the event includes is a one or two-mile walk. The day also includes a Mass, a lovingly prepared, delicious meal, and many prizes for the sisters. The sisters are most grateful to all the Serrans and their helpers who make this very special day possible.

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