• sisters at airport
    Maria, Sister Joanna Marie, Sister Faustina, and Mother Julia at the Kansas City International Airport.
    We just barely were able to load the van with their six large suitcases, 50 pounds each,
    plus their carry-on luggage and their backpacks.
  • sisters with luggage
    Eager to get back to Russia, Maria, Sister Joanna Marie, and Sister Faustina with their carry-on luggage.
    Most of our needed supplies in Russia must go with people who fly to and from Russia
    because shipping is so expensive, and customs are high.
  • Sr. Faustina going through security
    This is Sister Faustina waving her last goodbye as she disappears after passing
    through security to join the other passengers ready to board the plane. Saying goodbye is
    always hard; however, with the last goodbye, the words, "see you later on Skype," helped cheer
    up everyone. Sister Faustina's mother joined us at the airport to wish them safe travels.

Sisters return to Russia

On Tuesday, July 10, Sister Faustina Marie, Sister Joanna Marie, and Maria, the last three of the five, started their plane journey back to Russia.

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