• creche
    The focus of Christmas is first and foremost with the birth of Christ. Here is the Christmas crib in our parish in Vladivostok. Our sisters were honored to sing and accompany the Mass of Christmas.
  • church decorated for Christmas
    Here is a view from the choir loft of the decorated church. Our sisters were blessed to have a wonderful Christmas. This is the highest choir loft that we have ever seen. The sisters often help provide the music for the Masses from this loft.
  • Fr. Myron at the altar
    . This is a picture of the decorations by the altar. Father Myron is celebrating the Mass for the feast of Saint John the Evangelist.
  • Sisters and parishioners with creche
    Our sisters pose with parishioners from Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church, Vladivostok, Russia, in the fathers' monastery in front of the creche.
  • students and sisters ice skating
    The ice is finally frozen enough for ice skating on Russian Island bay near our sisters' convent. After meeting with the students from the nearby university, our sisters had a great time skating with them.

Christ has been born – Merry Christmas!

Christmas is always a special time of year and it is the same in Russia! Our sisters spent the holy day with good works and a lot of fun

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