• Mass at the conference
    The Masses at the conference are attended by a great number of people. It is truly amazing to have the feel of the universal church at a conference where people come from all over the country.
  • This picture taken at the Sunday Mass shows some of the many people who attended this conference.
    Many religious communities were also represented.
  • Mother Julia (taking the picture), L-R Sister Gemma Maria, and Sister Maria Damiana staffed our booth. We had a great time speaking with Catholics from many walks of life about our Russian mission, who we are as Sisters in Jesus the Lord, and what our work is like in Vladivostok and in our very large diocese in Far-Eastern Russia.
  • Our brother community, Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord, had a booth right next to ours. L-R Tom and Julie Cummings and Ted Lewis share with conference attendees about the Russian Mission and sold religious items to fundraise for our brother community.

Sisters in Jesus the Lord at the Midwest
Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, KS

We sisters had a wonderful time at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. This is a yearly event where many people come to Wichita, Kansas in early August to deepen their faith and enjoy fellowship with many Catholic families from all over the Midwest.

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