"Jesus--Through Him, With Him, and In Him"

Be a Sister Parish

Dear friends, we are so very grateful for your interest in our mission, your encouragement, support, and prayers. God knows well what an essential part you play in the work that we do.

There is one powerful way that you could multiply what you do with us. Would you please consider and pray about asking your parish to be a sister parish for our work in Russia? It would help us enormously, and would also bring great blessings to your parish as well. A parish reaching out to a poorer parish always attracts God's attention, and He never fails with His hundredfold. It would be a definite way that you and your fellow parishioners could answer the Church's critical call to evangelize.

We could use St. John Paul II's idea of the two lungs – with one lung your parish is evangelizing and breathing new life into your town, and with the other lung it is evangelizing another part of the world desperately in need of the Faith. What can we share that is more precious and brings more blessings than the Faith?

If your parish would like to become a sister parish, please let us know. Contact Us/Donate