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Help Save the Children

children and sister doing crafts

Your dollars help us fund a free meal for poor children every Saturday which greatly helps their families. Also, your money can help us with our monthly "day with the sisters" during which the children do crafts, eat a snack, play games, pray, sing, and spend time with the sisters learning about God. Each summer, we host a five-day summer camp for children ages five to fifteen years old. This camp includes meals for 60 people once a day for five days, plus breakfast and supper for an 18-member mission team of religious and young adults who serve the children, craft supplies for the children's activities, and money for transportation for the mission team's 12 hour travel to Lesozavodsk and back to Vladivostok.

You can also help us keep open the newest pro-life center in Lesozavodsk, which helps prevent poor mothers from choosing abortion, gives out supplies for mothers and their little ones, and invites the moms to join the parishioners for mass. The mothers have been joining the parishioners for mass! This is an excellent opportunity to evangelize the family. Your dollars help supply diapers, formula, clothing, medicine, baby food, clothing for the mom, and clothing and toys for her older children as well.

It would really help our work in Lesozavodsk if we could buy one or two more apartments. The last time we checked, they were priced at $10,000 for a one room apartment. So far the parish owns two apartments, but the space is not sufficient to house a large group of volunteers, and often our volunteers lack proper sleep and sanitation while doing the summer camp.

If you prefer your money to be spend on this project, please let us know. Contact Us/Donate