"Jesus--Through Him, With Him, and In Him"

Prayer Partners

We have a monthly list of prayer intentions that we email to our prayer partners. Please click here to be added to our list, and see the current month's intentions below.

Below are our prayer petitions for this month. May your zeal ever be rekindled as you pray with us for our efforts to help revitalize the Faith and reawaken the Catholic Church in Russia. You are the bedrock of all we do. We are most grateful to you.

Sisters with Sacred Heart image

L-R Sister Maria Damiana, Mother Julia, and Sister Gemma Maria,
Christmas at Our Lady of Lourdes during Perpetual Eucharistic
Adoration. We always pray for your intentions.

April 2018

Dear Prayer Partner,

You did it! For over a year we have been asking you to pray that we can get the Deed to the last apartment in our convent building. Just a couple weeks ago, in two days, two big steps were taken, and it is very promising that the deal will finally be completed. Once we have the Deed, then we can proceed to get our plan for the renovation of our building approved, and finally begin the much-needed renovation. That will open the door to more retreats, better facilities for our young adult meetings and prolife work, the sisters could each have their own room, the electricity in the building could be completely redone, etc. Thank you for your precious prayers.

During our daily hours of adoration here in Kansas City, at our parish's St. John Paul II Adoration Chapel, our heartfelt Easter greetings to you are wrapped in prayer.

It is the risen Lord, Mother Julia

  1. Let us all pray for those baptized this Easter time in Vladivostok, and for their early years of being Catholic. Let us pray also for Sister Maria Stella who, as Superior in Russia, has an enormous and unique job of planning programs to help lead the parishioners to an ever-deeper love of Christ and His Church. One way the sisters try to accomplish this is through organizing retreats, including Rachel's Vineyard retreats. Also, the parishioners especially appreciate that she is the main organist for the liturgies and often plays for the concerts organized by Father Daniel.
  2. The apologetics study attendees at the Most Holy Mother of God Church, led by Sister Catherine Marie, are becoming more and more enthused about their faith and their ability to share it with others. You can imagine how needed the latter is in a country with so few Christians. As we all know, conversions are the work of the Holy Spirit, so please pray often for the sisters' evangelization work by saying, "Come Holy Spirit!"
  3. Sister Faustina Marie and the two postulants, Sara and Maria, are working hard on the daunting task of making the many artifacts needed for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) religious lessons for the young people of the parish. The very positive response by their students in these classes is greatly encouraging the sisters in this work. They will be here in June for further training to obtain their final certificates to teach using this special method for catechesis. Let us pray for all the young people of the world that they will come to truly know Christ early in their lives and to stay rooted in Him.
  4. Please offer some of your sacrifices and prayers for both young adult groups organized by the sisters in Vladivostok. It is so easy for students away from home at a university to drift away from their faith. We also want to provide a nearby Mass for them. Please pray for a miracle in that regard. Pray also for those working toward establishing the pro-life center on Russian Island.

Pope Francis' Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Holy Mary Virgin of Fatima, with renewed gratitude for your maternal presence we join our voice to that of all the generations who call you blessed. We celebrate in you the works of God, who never tires of looking down with mercy upon humanity, afflicted with the wound of sin, to heal it and save it.
Accept with the benevolence of a mother the act of consecration that we perform today with confidence. We are certain that each of us is precious in your eyes and that nothing of all that lives in our hearts is unknown to you. We let ourselves be touched by your most sweet regard and we welcome the consoling caress of your smile.
Hold our life in your arms: bless and strengthen every desire for good: revive and nourish faith; sustain and enlighten hope; awaken and animate charity; guide all of us along the path of holiness.
Teach us your own preferential love for the little and the poor, for the excluded and the suffering, for sinners and the downhearted; bring everyone under your protection and entrust everyone to your beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus. Amen
October 13, 2013

Prayer Partners: Please pray that young women who have a vocation to the missionary life will come, and that our community will develop according to God's plan.

Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for our mission work would be most appropriate. Our community, Sisters in Jesus the Lord, is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) who was a sister of the Visitation Order in France was responsible for spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the Church. She said in one of her letters:

"It seems to me that our Lord's earnest desire to have his sacred heart honored in a special way is directed toward renewing the effects of redemption in our souls. For the sacred heart is an inexhaustible fountain and its sole desire is to pour itself out into the hearts of the humble so as to free them and prepare them to lead lives according to his good pleasure.

A prayer that we sisters say daily is the following:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – Have Mercy on us
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – Inflame our hearts with Your love
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – Help us to make You known and loved by all

Prayer for Christian Unity

O most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of mercy, adorned with miracles, whose icon shed tears at the place of your mercy in Mariapoch, we who honor you, humbly beseech your motherly care. Save our country from all its enemies; protect the Church; and join all in one faith that, at last, the words of Christ may be fulfilled: "There shall be one fold and one shepherd." Do not deny us your intercession; and obtain for us peaceful times, health for our bodies and peace for our souls. Obtain the grace for us that our last hour finds us in the Catholic faith and in a state of grace so that we be enabled to gain eternal salvation. Amen
red rose

Prayer to the Divine Heart of Jesus (Act of Consecration to the Holy Spirit)

Lord Jesus Christ, I consecrate myself today anew and without reserve to Your Divine Heart. I consecrate to You my body with all its senses, my soul with all its faculties, my entire being. I consecrate to You all my thoughts, words and deeds, all my sufferings and labors, all my hopes, consolations and joys. In particular, I consecrate to You my heart so that it may love You and may be consumed in the fire of Your love.

I place all my trust in You without reserve and I hope for the remission of my sins through Your infinite mercy. I place within Your hands all my cares and anxieties. I promise to love You and to honor You till the last moment of my life, and to spread, as much as I can, devotion to Your most Sacred Heart. Do with me what You will, my Jesus. I desire no other reward except Your greater glory and Your holy love.

Take this offering of myself and give me a place within Your Divine Heart forever. Amen.

Roses from Loose Park,
Kansas City, Missouri

chapel interior

Chapel of the Martyrs of Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church in Vladivostok, Russia

angel icon

Orthodox Seminary Chapel Icon
in Vladivostok, Russia
(Photo taken with permission).