"Jesus--Through Him, With Him, and In Him"

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Our special Christmas photo album is on a separate page.

The Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord, Brother Community of Sisters in Jesus the Lord

The Sisters in Jesus the Lord have had the privilege of working with these fine men who were recently trained in Vladivostok, Russia. Some of the men of our brother community are stationed in Indonesia and all of them usually spend a formation year at our brother community's Vladivostok monastery.

Fr. Myron and the priests of his community

The priests with Father Myron, left to right are: Father Ferdinandus,
Father Johannes (ordained January 12), Father Myron, Father Jacobus
(ordained January 12), and Father Inocentius. Father Inocentius is
the superior of our brother community in Indonesia. They are wonderful
men! Our sisters in Russia have gotten to know all of them during their
novice year here in Vladivostok the past several years. The next two
ordinations will be on January 25: Brother Luis (from Vietnam) and
Brother Jose (from Philippines) in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., will
be ordained to the deaconate, and then the priesthood in May.

all the men of the CJD community

This is a picture of our brother community in Indonesia, the Canons Regular
of Jesus the Lord, along with some of their seminarians. The Canons Regular
started their first monastery in Vladivostok, Russia, and by God's grace
have since started a second monastery in Indonesia. These men have left
everything to follow Jesus, the Lamb wherever He goes.

A December snow at the sisters' convent, Dom Marii, on Russian Island

Winter began in November in Vladivostok, Russia. We in Raytown, Missouri, USA, had our first flakes of snow last Wednesday, December 7, 2016, which disappeared by the next morning. Earlier in the month the sisters in Russia had enough snow to scrape off the car and plow off the road. An earlier snowfall in November managed to cause two semis to block the sisters on their way to Mass.

Sister Catherine Marie cleaning the snow from her car

Sister Catherine Marie is taking her turn cleaning the snow off their white vehicle in front of the sisters Russian Island convent.

Sister Maria Stella cleaning snow off the car before a trip to Mass in Vladivostok

Sister Maria Stella cleaning snow off the car before a trip to Mass in Vladivostok. Plenty of material for snow angels. Anyone interested?

Fall in Russia

The sisters enjoying the beautiful fall weather and fall colors on Russian Island.

Sr. Faustina

Sister Faustina's feast day is in the fall, her patroness is St. Faustina. The day is celebrated by the Church on October 5th. (Sister Maria Stella was photographer.)

Sister Faustina and Sister Catherine walking towards the bay and enjoying an extraordinarily warm fall day.

Sister on the path to the bay

The sisters on their way to the bay. They very much enjoy that the bay is only a short distance from the convent.

Sisters at the bay with a rocky beach and waves

The sisters at the bay. It was a calm day, for a change.

5  Sister Faustina and Sister Catherine Marie enjoying some feast day treats.

Sister Faustina and Sister Catherine Marie enjoying some feast day treats. Sister Faustina is holding a picture of Saint Faustina on her feast day.

Our Lady of Lourdes Animal Blessing

Every year we have an animal blessing around the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. People come and have their furry friends blessed. What a wonderful day to remember what a blessing from God animals are for us and our families. May we reverence all of God's creation.

The animal blessing is a fun time. Every year is fun and different than the previous. This year the majority of the animals were dogs of every shape, size, and description.

Sr. Gemma Marie with people and animals

Some people came from other parishes to have their furry friends blessed. Sister Gemma Maria especially loves cats but made friends easily with the dogs. Sara (on sister's right) is a friend of Sisters in Jesus the Lord who is visiting from West Virginia.

Sr. Maria Damiana with horse

Sylvia brings her horse, Jesse, and her dog, Blackie,
every year for the blessing. Sister Maria Damiana
(in picture) and Sister Gemma Maria rode Jesse
after the blessing.

A friendly face to see. Don't tell me that a facial expressions are meaningless.

Father Gabe (on left) blessed the animals,
and Deacon Richard (on right) assisted.

Father Gabe is petting Jesse while Sylvia's great
granddaughter waits for her turn to ride Jesse.

CJD Small Orchard

We are blessed to have a few fruit trees to help provide us fruit for the summer and winter. We have an apricot tree, two apple trees, a peach tree, and a cherry tree.

statue of Blessed Virgin Mary and flowers

A statue of Mary
can be seen from the
orchard with hydrangeas
behind it.

Sr. Maria Damiana picking apricots

A friend of the community donated this apricot tree a couple
of years ago. It has grown beautifully in this spot and
produced well this year for the first time. In this picture,
Sister Maria Damiana is picking apricots from our tree.

Our peach tree
also produced
well this

Sr. Gemma Marie preparing apricots

In this picture, Sister Gemma Maria
is preparing the apricots to be dried.
We canned and dried the apricots
to last through the winter.

Sr. Maria Damiana with watermelons

In addition to the orchard, we enjoyed our
produce from our garden. We planted two
watermelon plants and enjoyed a few
watermelons this year.

"God Is" Retreat Training

Mother Julia and Sister Maria Damiana, as part of the Our Lady of Lourdes Adult Faith Formation Committee, went to an all-day training as to how to give a one day retreat called "God Is." The retreat "promotes effective renewal/conversion in just one day," "provides an opportunity to "meet" and fall in love with Jesus Christ," "promotes a personal encounter with our triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit" and much more. (Evangelizeall.com)

group photo of training attendees

This is the multi-parish teams that came for this training. Our goal was to reach together the Eucharistic Summit following the path of the Old Testament, New Testament, and culminating with the Holy Mass. We spent the day participating in talks, witnesses, group discussions, skits, and prayer.

This picture gives you one moment from the skit that was about healing our hearts with Jesus' help. We all need healing from the offenses both of others to us and us to others.

The talks people give are written by the producers of God Is, Mike and Lori Pacer, and approved by the Church. Each talk is designed to bring people closer to God the Father, God the Son, and to God the Holy Spirit. The speaker here is Connie Wood from Our Lady of Lourdes.

After each talk, a witness is given to show a living example of the subject of the talk. Karen Brooks, also from our parish, is the speaker of this talk. All nine members of the Our Lady of Lourdes team had a blessed day learning about a wonderful parish retreat program that evangelizes, catechizes, and builds community.

Summer Events

Summer has been beautiful and busy for us. We have visited with many wonderful people and had many delightful guests.

Sr. Gemma Marie and Mother Julia at the conference booth

Mother Julia and Sister Gemma Maria at our vocations booth at the Wichita Family Conference. They had a wonderful time and met with many people.

Sr. Gemma Marie and Mother Julia and friends at the conference

Our brother community, Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord, also had a booth at the conference staffed by Bernard Lohkamp from Coronation of Our Lady Parish, Grandview, Missouri, and Ted Lewis from Wichita, Kansas (producer of the two videos of our Vladivostok mission). Their popular booth was a great success!

Sisters with young women

A nun run from Wichita came to our Raytown Convent. The sisters had met the organizer of the nun run at the Wichita Family Conference.

Sr. Maria Damiana at the Vietnamese Festival

Sister Maria Damiana is shown here standing in front of a statue of Mary and Jesus at the Carthage Vietnamese Marian Conference. It was a very rainy day from beginning to end. The conference was well attended by thousands of people.

Sr. Gemma Marie and Mother Julia and friends at the conference

Mother Julia and Sister Maria Damiana had a delightful lunch with these wonderful young women at the Serra Club's appreciation event for sisters. The young women had generously volunteered to help for the day.

The sisters had a visit from five young adults who worked with Totus Tuus in the Diocese of Kansas City – Saint Joseph this summer. Totus Tuus is a program where young adults go from parish to parish providing a summer religious education camp for children.

Mother Julia and Sister Maria Damiana attended a Kansas City Mass Mob Event at Saint Therese Little Flower Parish, Kansas City, Missouri. These events are organized to "bear witness to and amplify the unity of the Catholic community in the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. 'Mass in mass' encourages individuals and families to come together to worship, showing the Church is alive, well and filled with joy." (KCMassMob.com) Mother Julia and Sister Maria Damiana delighted to visit with a longtime friend, Terry Quinn, from Minnesota whose son has recently moved to the Kansas City area. The sisters had a prayerful time at the Mass, and visited with people at the pancake breakfast provided by the Knights of Columbus.

The World Apostolate of Fatima has a special Mass every
year for Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Sister Gemma Maria
was blessed to cantor for this Mass.

Mother Julia, Sister Maria Damiana, and Sister Gemma Maria
pose near the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
after the Mass said in her honor.

The World Apostolate of Fatima organizes a monthly Mass and prayers on the first Saturday of every month to respond to Our Lady of Fatima's request. Sister Gemma Maria is leading the rosary on the First Saturday of July that was held in the chapel of the Sisters of Saint Francis of the Holy Eucharist, Independence, Missouri.

Sister Maria Damiana Lee, CJD, Renewal of Vows

Sister Maria Damiana renewed her vows on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Coronation of Our Lady Parish in Grandview, Missouri. Mother Julia and Father Stephen Hansen, pastor of Coronation of Our Lady, witnessed her vows. Sister Gemma Maria and friends of the community were present.

Sr. Maria Damiana praying

Sister Maria Damiana in front of the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The sisters pray a community rosary daily.

Sr. Maria Damiana reading vows

Sister Maria Damiana vowed for one year the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Sr. Maria Damiana signing her vows

Sister Maria Damiana signs her vows on the altar.

Mother Julia accepting the renewal of vows

Mother Julia, superior of Sisters in Jesus the Lord, accepts Sister Maria Damiana's renewal of vows and signs the vow form.

Mother Julia accepting the renewal of vows

Father Hansen, pastor of Our Lady of the Coronation, witnessed the vows. Two years ago, Father Hansen went to Vladivostok, Russia, with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) as their mission chaplain. The FOCUS students worked for three weeks with the Sisters in Jesus the Lord at their mission.

Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day Celebration

Our Lady of Lourdes' annual Patronal Feast Day Celebration was celebrated on February 7th. The solemn celebration included all of the Sunday Masses and the 10 am Mass was followed by a Eucharistic procession, pot luck lunch, movie, a display of the church's history, and a table of holy images and articles, one free item for each family. The celebration was spearheaded by the Adult Faith Formation Committee and enormously helped by the History Committee, the OLL Trusted Servants, and the Pro-Life Committee.

Eucharistic Procession

Our patronal feast day celebration is on the Church's calendar for February 11th, though with the bishop's permission we can and did move it to one of the Sundays nearest to the actual date. At all of the Sunday Masses we used the liturgy for Our Lady of Lourdes. After the 10 am Mass, we had a Eucharist procession that started in the church and involved everyone who came to Mass.

Eucharistic Procession

February 7th was a beautiful warm day, so the Eucharistic procession went outside and ended in the perpetual adoration chapel that is located in the current parish center. The pastor, Father Angelo Bartulica, carried the monstrance followed by Deacon Richard Gross, flower girls, and the parishioners.

display of holy pictures and religious articles

In the parish hall, the sisters provided many holy pictures and religious articles that were displayed so that each family could pick out a free item for their home. These items provide the parishioners with a visual reminder of their patronal feast day and their Faith when they are not at church.

parish history display

The parish's history committee put together this booth. Our Lady of Lourdes has a rich wonderful history that was displayed so that all of the parishioners would become more familiar with it. A couple of tidbits from the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish history are the following: the parish started with 49 families signing a request for a new parish. It began in a skating rink down the road from where it is now, and grew quickly so that a bigger building was built a few years later to accommodate all the people. L-R Sister Gemma Maria and Mary O'Leary, who is an invaluable helper on the history committee.

feast day helpers

Pictured are a few of the many people who made the patronal feast day celebration a success! L-R Sis Stockman, Gisele Dube, Mary O'Leary, Marie Bowman, Maryann McCuiston, Sister Gemma Maria, Jocelyne Webb, and Sister Maria Damiana.

The sisters wish to extend heart-felt gratitude to all the parishioners that made this wonderful celebration a special time of praise and thanksgiving for Our Blessed Lady of Lourdes and a blessed time for our Lourdes family!

Sister Faustina Returns to Russia

After being in the states for a visit, Sister Faustina starts her return trip to Russia to continue her missionary work. She is currently taking classes at the nearby university on Russian Island to enhance her Russian language skills, and get to know the Catholic students.

Sr. Faustina with her mother and Sr. Gemma at airport Sr. Faustina hugging her mother Sr. Faustina and Mother Julia Sister Faustina waving goodbye Slast glimpse of Sister Faustina

Sister Faustina renews her vows

Sister Faustina renewed her vows on January 4, 2016 at St. Columba Catholic Church in Conception Junction, Missouri. Mother Julia Mary, superior of Sister in Jesus the Lord, and Father Xavier, OSB, of Conception Abbey, Missouri, witnessed her vows. Many members of Sister Faustina's family and friends were in attendance along with members of her community.

Sr. Faustina renewing vows Mother Julia accepts Sr. Faustina's renewal Fr. Xavier witnesses the renewal of vows the community applauds Sr. Faustina's renewal of her vows Fr. blesses those present

New Year's Eve gathering of students from FEFU University

The gathering for the university students went very well yesterday--we were a total of 25, including 10 Indonesian students, four Vietnamese, one Japanese, one African among the students, plus five Russians (not students), four brothers, and two of us sisters. We started the evening with confession, Mass, and a time for reflection about the past year and the upcoming year. To help with the reflection, we passed out questions prepared in advance by Sr. Faustina. The questions were translated into Russian, English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Japanese with the help of Google's translation technology and some live assistance. Everyone was pleased and surprised that the questions were available in his/her own native tongue, in addition to Russian and English.

We had a wonderful feast, and sang Christmas carols in Russian, accompanied by Br. Hubert on the keyboard, and sang and did some dances led by Br. Remy, also from Indonesia. We continued our celebration by playing some games, built a fire in the fireplace, had a count-down to midnight, and then waved sparklers outside, enjoying fireworks from the Novik hotel across the street. Then followed a toast with hot apple-cider.

young adults gathered by Christmas tree young adults and Fr. Maurer at Mass
A picture of 21 of the participants at the young
adult meeting on Russian Island organized by
the sisters
Fr Dan Maurer CJD, priest at the Most Holy Mother
of God Catholic Church in Vladivostok, saying Mass
for the 25 young adult participants at the Sisters
in Jesus the Lord's convent. Most of these were from
the nearby university, FEFU.

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