"Jesus--Through Him, With Him, and In Him"

Our Charism

What is the charism of the Sisters in Jesus the Lord?

It is to live in Jesus.
Succinctly explained, that means that when anyone meets us, they should experience Jesus.
More fully explained, our charism means that we want Him to be the Heart of our Heart, that in meeting us they experience Jesus' love, His mercy, His ready forgiveness, His gentleness, His generosity, His kindness, His patience, His prudence, His poverty, His humility, His courage, His fortitude, His understanding, His love of the Father, His obedience to the Father, His knowledge of the Father. They will have met Love, Truth, Life, Resurrection. They will have seen the Father.
All this is summed up in the words of our vows where we say,
"Lord, I am delighted to live YOU, LOVE, dedicated to growing with mankind in that one Love."
Too good to be true? Yes, indeed, but that is the reality of answering His call to religious life; answering His invitation, "Will you be Mine?" This is the true work of the Body of Christ, but in a special way true for His religious disciples in each time and place, for then all have the opportunity to have seen His face, felt His touch, sensed His peace and serenity, known His wise guidance, witnessed the meaning of holiness, come close to the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Hosts. To live in Him is to be heroically holy!
Impossible? Oh, completely impossible unless one has fully grasped His teaching that "Without Me, you can do nothing!" If we live in Him, He will live in us. The following prayer gives us a few glimpses of St. Paul's experience of "Now I no longer live, but it is He lives in me."
Sacred Heart logo

The above Jerusalem cross symbolizes via the four small crosses our work of establishing the Church in countries where it has never existed or was crushed out and needs to be reawakened. The Sacred Heart is our community's main feast day.

My Holy, holy, holy spouse,
May your Love in Me,
United to all your Love,
Delight you perfectly.