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Sisters with Bishop Johnston
Sisters in Jesus the Lord with Bishop Johnston.

Women…is the Lord calling you to be a missionary sister?

Religious sisters are needed worldwide who, through a witness of heroic holiness in action, will strive to make Jesus, who said, "I am the Truth," known, obeyed, and loved.

Sisters in Jesus the Lord is a Public Association of the Faithful under the authority of Bishop James V. Johnston Jr. in the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, based in Kansas City, Missouri, serving there and sending sisters to Vladivostok, Russia (and eventually other countries, too). Learn more

From our recent newsletter: First Student Mass on Russian Island

Fr. Daniel Maurer, CJD, with participants
at the first Mass for university students.

On March 17, 2018, six students from Far Eastern Federal University gathered for the first weekly student Mass. Fr. Daniel celebrated the liturgy and gave an inspiring homily about what an historical event it was for the students to be participating in such a Mass. Students from Russia, Africa, South America, and Indonesia were present. Over time, the word is spreading about the Mass.

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"In a City of 7,000 Martyrs, the Faith Comes to Life Again"

parishioners and priests in front of church

The Mary Mother of God Mission Society,, has been working to revive the Catholic faith in Russia since 1992. Its founders are Fathers Myron Effing and Daniel Maurer, two Americans who serve the Russian people. Fr. Effing recently offered an update on the mission to Jim Graves of The National Catholic Register.


Sisters with Fr. Mitch

Sisters in Jesus the Lord was blessed with the opportunity to share about our community and work in Russia on EWTN. Fr. Mitch Pacwa spoke with Mother Julia and Sr. Maria Damiana in the studio of "EWTN Live," and also spoke with Sr. Maria Stella, Sr. Catherine Marie, and Sr. Faustina Marie vis Skype. Watch the program on line at


candle being lit

Reviving the Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Russia: The Fathers in Vladivostok have made a new DVD about their mission, and it includes pictures of our sisters at work. We would be most grateful if you could watch the video and share it with your friends. Watching it will help your prayers take wings!