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Women…is the Lord calling you to be a missionary sister?

Religious sisters are needed worldwide who, through a witness of heroic holiness in action, will strive to make Jesus, who said, "I am the Truth," known, obeyed, and loved.

Sisters in Jesus the Lord is a Public Association of the Faithful under the authority of Bishop James V. Johnston Jr. in the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, based in Kansas City, Missouri, serving there and sending sisters to Vladivostok, Russia (and eventually other countries, too). Learn more

Sr. Catherine and students
L-R back: Br. Vincent, CJD, Sr. Catherine, Br. Lorenzo, CJD, Sr. Faustina, Br. Christopher, CJD Front: two girls from our parish—First Communion of the one on the right! June 19, 2022

July Update from Mother Stella—

Thank you for your faithfulness to praying with us! These past few months have involved more discernment than usual regarding our mission in Vladivostok. Thankfully, Sr. Faustina was able to fly back to Russia in time for the first communion of a young parishioner she'd been preparing for two years. What a joyous day! As you see, our sisters have been wearing black in Russia since the unrest in Ukraine, so that they don't look like foreigners on the street. They are safe and able to continue serving the Lord. I will be joining them for about six weeks this August. Also--several young women are considering joining our community! Praise God.

Mother Julia is having cataract surgery this month, and Sr. Damiana will be keeping the convent going. Sr. Joanna and I will be in Virginia at the "Vita Consecrata Institute" held at Christendom College from July 4-15. The classes are specific for religious, which is a great blessing—on the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, spiritual direction and living the Beatitudes in a broken world and a wounded church—certainly an apt topic for our time.

Mother Stella interviewed

Dr. Pascual at microphone

Here is a link to a recent radio interview Mother Stella did for "Sounds of the Spires" with Dr. Jennifer Pascual:

Since 2006, Dr. Pascual, Director of Music for Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, has been hosting the radio program "Sounds from the Spires." It can be heard SIRIUSXM 129 Radio, The Catholic Channel.

April Updates

Chrism Mass
Chrism Mass in Vladivostok: April 5, 2022 (photo by Sr. Catherine Marie, CJD)

Sr. Catherine is staying in Vladivostok for the time being. Our priests from the US are also staying. There are currently four priests and 15 brother novices in Vladivostok! Sister Catherine has moved in with the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne in the city for safety and community, and is checking up on our renovations on the Island regularly. We decided to have habits made for her in black, so as not to attract attention on the street as a foreigner (Russian Orthodox habits are always all black).

The student group is meeting in the city with Sr. Catherine at the parish for now, and Fr. Vicky, our brother from Pakistan, is now the chaplain for our group. Many parishioners have expressed their gratitude that Sr. Catherine is there with them. She has resumed leading the parish choir.

January Events

sisters at retreat
Community Retreat at Marian Acres-Madonna House, Salem, Missouri, January 2022

We had a wonderful mini retreat as a community at Madonna House here in Salem, Missouri. The foundress of Madonna House, Catherine de Hueck-Doherty, was born in Russia and had to flee during the 1917 Revolution. Raised Russian Orthodox, yet trained in Catholic schools, she eventually became Roman Catholic, while retaining her love for the Eastern liturgy and traditions, "breathing with both lungs," as St. Pope John Paul II encouraged.

We hope you will enjoy our Epiphany Concert at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, live-streamed on January 9, 2022:

And you can pray the rosary with us here (prayed January 4, 2022).

Student Christmas Party in Russia

student Advent gathering
Catholic Student Christmas Party, December 25, 2021

The Christmas student party in Vladivostok was a great success (39 people total). Each student carried a lit tea-light to baby Jesus in the Nativity as we sing "O come, let us adore Him" in various languages. We read from the Gospel and then had a wonderful meal, carols, and a gift exchange.

Rachel's Vineyard in Russia

Recent Sunrise on Russian Island
Rachel's Vineyard Retreat in Ussurijsk, Russia, November 4-6, 2021

Your prayers are opening many doors here. We have been contacted by several local Protestant churches interested in Rachel's Vineyard, and five of the ten recent participants at the above-pictured recent Rachel's Vineyard retreat for healing after abortion were pastors and pastors' wives, eager to bring healing to their congregations.

November 18 is becoming a special day to offer prayers in reparation for abortion throughout the world. This initiative started last year in Moscow, led by participants in Rachel's Vineyard. Soviet Russia was the first country to legalize abortion, on November 18, 1920.

There was also a pivotal vote in the United States at the National Organization for Women's National Conference (NOW) on November 18, 1967, where a vote was taken to add abortion to their Bill of Rights. In Moscow this year, there will be adoration at the Catholic cathedral and at other churches with several Masses offered.

We've moved!

Much has happened in the last month. After much prayer and discernment, with our bishop's blessing, on August 25, 2021, the 30th anniversary of Fr. Myron's first meeting with Catholics in Vladivostok (1991), we moved from Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Raytown, Missouri, to St. Joseph, Missouri, in our same diocese. We are located temporarily at St. Mary's parish until the convent at the Cathedral of St. Joseph is renovated.

See the article, "Sisters in Jesus the Lord announce move from Raytown to St. Joseph" on the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph website.

Our new mailing address and phone number are:
Sisters in Jesus the Lord
512 N 11th St.
St. Joseph, MO 64501

(816) 689-0837

Catholic children's summer gathering

children at Oceanarium
Children outside the oceanarium at the summer gathering on Russian Island.

Eighteen children from the city of Blagoveshchensk, Russia, traveled 26 hours by train to attend a Catholic summer gathering hosted in Dom Marii July 14-20, 2021. Children from our parish in Vladivostok joined us for this camp focused on the parables of Jesus. Each day consisted of morning and evening prayers, morning exercise, a catechism lesson, an afternoon outing, and an evening of fun and games. The children swam in the bay near Dom Marii, saw a dolphin show at the oceanarium, and got to walk inside an old submarine.

As many of the children from Blagoveshchensk had only attended Mass in a former apartment converted into a chapel, they were impressed by the sacred beauty of Most Holy Mother of God Catholic parish, where they attended Mass three times during the week. The children also had the blessing of attending Mass on Russian Island when Fr. Myron came one day to celebrate the Eucharist. Read more

Listen to an interview Mother Stella had on June 10, 2021 on the Institute of Religious Life's facebook page on "The Revival of the Church in Russia."
Read our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Announcing the Election of Our New Prioress

Sisters with Bishop Johnston
back row: L-R: Sr. Joanna Marie, Mother Julia Mary, Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., Sr. Maria Damiana, Sr. Faustina Marie front row: L-R: Sr Catherine Marie, Mother Maria Stella, Sr. Gemma Maria

The Sisters in Jesus the Lord joyfully announce the election of our new prioress, Mother M. Stella, as of October 2, 2020. Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph celebrated Mass for us and presided at the election. Mother Julia, now Mother Emerita, will continue to serve the community in an advisory role. We are grateful to Mother Julia for her many years of service as our foundress and first superior. We wish Mother M. Stella God's graces and blessings as she fulfills her term of office. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and for your loving suppport of our community and mission!


Sisters with Fr. Mitch

Sisters in Jesus the Lord was blessed with the opportunity to share about our community and work in Russia on EWTN. Fr. Mitch Pacwa spoke with Mother Julia and Sr. Maria Damiana in the studio of "EWTN Live," and also spoke with Sr. Maria Stella, Sr. Catherine Marie, and Sr. Faustina Marie vis Skype. Watch the program on line at


candle being lit

Reviving the Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Russia: The Fathers in Vladivostok have made a new DVD about their mission, and it includes pictures of our sisters at work. We would be most grateful if you could watch the video and share it with your friends. Watching it will help your prayers take wings!